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If you're looking for tips, tricks, or just motivation from a woman that's struggled for many years with being over weight, tired, grumpy, stressed, and lived on fast food, cigarettes and booze, well you're in the right place! 

 I am beginning my road to feeling amazing every day rather than feeling like I'm crawling through amazing days! It's going to take work. Dedication. Determination. I am ready and I would love to have to share this journey with anyone that is ready to make a change! 

I've been over weight since my first pregnancy (that baby is now almost 22) and over the years I've tried a slew of things to lose and what may work for short term never works for long. The last two years I've reached my heaviest weight in my life, I hate how I look when I see myself in the mirror. It's affected my life deeply, yet I hide how I feel and go about my day. Well, after years of yo yo diets I'm ready to make a real change! 

In addition to a weight problem I also smoke....GROSS....I know! I want to quit! I have to quit! I will quit! I will struggle. I might fall. I will, in the end win! If you have an addiction of any kind to break, let's do it together! 

Check back often for updates! Let's do this!

 PS: I am not a doctor and nothing I say here is from a medical standpoint. It's what I have found and what I am currently trying that works. Always consult your doctor. 






Day One



I made a conscious effort this morning to leave my pack of Camel Crush on the table at home. I haven't smoked today. Despite the stress this day has thrown at me, I intend to remain strong. With the help and encouragement from a friend and the knowledge that my kids want nothing more than for me to not smoke, I will kick this habit.

In addition to leaving the smokes at home I also woke up early to get in a work out. I used to do this on a regular basis, but have failed miserably the last few months. Today I did it! Yay me! Hopefully tomorrow is as productive! 


Work out tip: Make a playlist full of music that gets you moving. Even dancing around your house is good exercise. Who cares what you look like. Fergie's Fergalicous and Clumsy always get me going! 

Food tip of the day: Try not to start the day full of carbs. Make sure to have plenty of protein and healthy fats to get your body moving.

Stress buster tip: Phone a friend, or PM, text, snap...whatever. Find someone you trust that you can vent to. Just make sure it's not always a convo full of your complaints. 

What to do when you're ready to cave in to your cravings: (food, smokes, liquor, whatever your poison) Here are a few things that help me...

1. Music-I commute to the day job and ALWAYS smoke on the way there and on the way home. I've found, when I've tried to quit in the past, that music helps fight the boredom urge to smoke. I like to sing (now well) and can't really smoke and sing at the same time so I crank up the music and let go. 

Also, taking a supplement, especially for middle aged women is a good idea. I start my day with Thrive. 2 pills upon waking, a shake and patch 20 mins later and bam! I have all the vitamins, minerals, pro and pre biotics I need!  Interested in Thrive? Shoot me an email, we'll chat!