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Calling Readers and Indies

Posted by Angie Merriam on August 19, 2013 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I tried to do this about a year ago and was disappointed with the poor response...however I still believe this is a good idea and could be beneficial to Indie writers and fun for readers! Here's the idea:
Over on my website I have a forum section with 3 discussion areas already set up.
1. The first one is a place to promote yourself to your hearts about your books, awards, future projects, interviews, ect....the only thing I ask is that you chose another Indie using the site and promo them on your own social networking site at leas 1 time. Like paying it forward!

2. Readers Corner is a place I am encouraging readers to visit and discuss their current reads, fave books, fave authors ect...This could be a fantastic place for readers to get to know writers for who they are, not as book promoters..but real people who love to read as much as they do!

3. The last on is to post book links and short blurbs. It's not for heavy promotion...Just you links and short blurbs.

So, that's my idea and I really hope people come on board! It's easy..just sign up in the Members Area and start posting!

Hope to see ya there!

Blog Hop

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I was recently invited to participate in a "blog hop" where I answer some questions and invite others to join, in turn creating a chain of blogs. An author, Olyn Warfield, whom I recently worked with on a collaborative anthology that featured her story invited me to participate, thank you Olyn. Her story is of her Doberman named Omar Blue, his pack, and their adventures in K-9 town. If you have a love of dogs and are curious how they live when we humans are not looking, check out Olyn's work, you will not be disapointed.


I invited a few other writers to join the blog hop, but being so close to the holidays I think they are swamped with work. Instead I will recommend the work of a few writers I had the privilege to work with on Intertwine in hopes that they will take the reins and continue the chain. Brian T Shirley is a comedian and author who writes, you guessed it, comedy stories. I have read multiple stories of Brian's various comedic adventures and guarantee you will have a good laugh.


I also had the pleasure to include one of Beth Gualda stories from her Moonlit Wings novels. I loved the story she submitted to Intertwine. Her stories have a little bit of everything that I enjoy, romance, fantasy, paranormal, sex and humor. Her writing is wonderful and the stories are page turners.


So, if you have a chance check out their work. I believe them both to be up and coming writers that I am very thankful to have worked with.


Now, a little about me [:)]


What is the working title of your book? My first is Neveah A Broken Forever, 2nd Neveah Standing Broken, and the 3rd, soon to be released is Neveah Breaking the Wicked. I also have an anthology, Intertwine, available for download that features some fabulous writers.


Where did the idea come from for the book? The idea for Neveah came to me during one of my many commutes to work. I am lucky to live in a part of the country that has some really beautiful scenery. I am always in awe of the beauty and its image of fantasy so as I was driving I began to weave a story and Neveah is the product.


What genre does your book fall under? Fantasy, Romance with a touch of action/adventure


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? I have thought a lot about this and have a few for the main characters I would cast: Lilly, maybe Emma Watson: Shep, Cory Montheith: Annie Levannah, Charlize Theron: Leah, Lauren Grahm: Jax Bane, Johnny Depp: Kelsha, Kate Beckinsal(sp): Denali, Charlie Hunnam:  and Serephina, Ariana Garcia..


What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? A fantastic journey of discovery, forgiveness, love and betrayal set in a magnificent parallel world called Neveah.


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? Self Published, for now...fingers crossed


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? The first book took me three months to write.


What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? It has the magic of Harry Potter, the romance of Twilight, the suspense and sex of Nora Roberts, as said by a reader.

Thanks for the invite Olyn!

Re-edit is complete

Posted by Angie Merriam on June 29, 2012 at 11:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, after about two months of editing Neveah A Broken Forever, it is finally done! I actually sat down and read the book from front to back, which I had yet to do. It was good to connect with the story again and I was excited to be excited about the book! It is now back on Amazon for Kindle and is being reviewed on Createspace for the paper back version. While I don't think it will be perfect (though I hope it is) I know I went through the book line by line, word by word..I truly hope it is better prepared for readers. Now it's on to editing Standing Broken and writing Unbroken Hope.

In other book news, Intertwine is getting closer to being ready for readers. I am hoping that by the end of the summer it will to be in readers hands!

Yay for progress!

On the horizon

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Hello! First, I want to thank my new members...Welcome! I am so happy to have you here with me. The last few months feel as though time has accelerated and I can't keep the pace. I was lucky enough to have a friend who, loves to edit and majored in English, edit Neveah A Broken Forever for me. Her insight has been invaluable and she actually taught me alot about grammer and such. (I love to write and have an active imagination but get lost with grammer and puncuation. I can admit my weakness) I have re-read the book and now I am transferring all the corrections to Word. It is a much longer process than I expected but I know the out come will be worth it. Neveah Standing Broken is also being edited and is in very capable hands. I am excited to get these two books back into the hands of readers but want them to be in tip top shape. Thanks for being patient :)

I have also, finally, decided on a title for the last Neveah book. It is to be called Unbroken Hope. It conveys the message of the book without giving to much away. I am probably about half way through. I was hoping to be done by now, but with all the editing, and life in general, I have not had a lot of time for writing. It's getting there!

Outside of my Neveah world I also have a collaboration book coming out. Intertwine is now in the capable hands of Dennis DeRose. He is a great editor and contributing author. Once the editing is complete the book will be released for free in digital form. Many very talented writers contributed their work and I am so excited for people to read the material. I think there is a little something for everyone in this book. Look for it in the coming months.

So in summary my life has been hectic and crazy and fabulous. My day job hasn't slowed down, my kids have yet to stop growing, I keep thinking of more projects, and time just keep getting faster. My goal by the end of 2012 is to have all three Neveah books available to readers, Intertwine in readers hands, and a month to rest :)  before I start work on Intertwine the magazine and a new book.

Talk again soon!

It has been posted!!!!!

Posted by Angie Merriam on August 10, 2011 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

For all those who have been waiting so patiently for me to finish Standing Broken...the wait is over!  I spent timeless hours editing, but I know there will still be errors. I tried not to make the same mistakes as A Broken Forever, but alas I am human. My dream is to make enough to hire an editor to give these stories the work over they deserve. Regardless of the errors I may have made......I hope the story is enjoyable. I tried really hard to write a story that stood on its own and was not just a 'filler' middle book.

'Lilly is back and has some serious decisions to make. Should she stay in Neveah and fight for Shep or go home and have her baby in peace? What became of Shep? Is Neveah finally safe or is the war just beginning? All this and so much more will be answered in Standing Broken...So many lives broken, yet they stand together.'

It is availabe now on You can download it there for any e-reader and load from your pc or visit the site from your reader. It should be available on amazon for kindle sometime today but the paperback version will be a few weeks out I think. Like the first one it is selling for .99 for all e-readers. It should appear on sites like barnes and noble, itunes, kobo, sony..ect  in the coming weeks.

Thanks again for being so patient while I created this story. I truly hope everyone enjoys it..

Cover contest

Posted by Angie Merriam on July 11, 2011 at 7:34 AM Comments comments (0)

So, over on Neveah's facebook fan page, I am having a contest!

I have had an amazing time designing covers for Standing Broken! I am now faced with having to chose and I just can't! I have my top 5 covers posted in an album and I am asking my fans(or anyone really) to vote on their favorite! The cover with the most votes will be the cover for Standing Broken! I will chose voters at random to win an e-copy of Neveah Standing Broken when it is released in August!

What are ya waiting for? Head over and vote for your fave ;)

song list for Standing Broken

Posted by Angie Merriam on July 4, 2011 at 11:44 AM Comments comments (0)

OK, so this is one of my favorite parts of my books, the song list! It brings together two things I love, music and writing! Here are a few songs that remind me of one part of the story or I just liked listening to while writing;)

Stronger-Sara Evens

Jar of Hearts-Christina Perri

Total eclipse of the heart-Bonnie Tyler

Love is a battlefield-Pat Benatar

Arms-Christina Perri

The edge of glory-Lady GaGa

I dont belive you-Pink

More to come!!!

Re-Writes are done

Posted by Angie Merriam on June 30, 2011 at 2:32 PM Comments comments (0)

I finished the re-writes for Standing Broken this week and can honestly say I am very proud of the story as it stands. I worked really hard to keep it engaging and fresh, not a middle, filler book as many second books in a series are. I am in the editing phase now and will soon enter the formatting phase! I am so excited and can't wait to share Lilly and Shep with all the people who became fans of their story in A Broken Forever!

I will be holding a contest in the coming weeks on the facebook fanpage in anticipation of Standing Broken's release in August! I am also holding an author Q&A on goodreads for the month of July! I am excited to connect with readers and get this story out there! I am truly thankful for the readers who gave A Broken Forever a chance and really hope I have done Shep and Lilly justice! Thank all of you from the bottom of my heart:) Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July!!!!

and so it has been written

Posted by Angie Merriam on May 20, 2011 at 9:41 AM Comments comments (0)

I take my tiny laptop with me everywhere these days, just in case I get two seconds of spare time to work on Standing Broken. My trip to Les Schwab, yesterday, included. What better time to write? I bust out the laptop, fire it up, and dive in! I have known that the end of the book was coming, but had yet to decide the way the story would end. I was writing in Les Schwab and the ending just came to me. I wrote the last paragraph and re-read it and thought 'aha! that is the end'!

Now the weeks and possible months of editing and re-writes are going to begin, but the story itself is written! I have to step away from it for a few days, so it can be read over with fresh eyes. I don't want to disconnect completely though, so I have started on the cover design! I love this part of the process! Hopefully the book will be ready for viewing by the end of June, early July!!!!

I am very excited about it, and tried very hard to keep it from being the 'middle, boring, transition, but has to be there as part of the story, book'! I have read a ton of series that the first and last books were amazing, but the middle was just there to fill in the space. I really didn't want that for Standing Broken, and tried to keep it exciting, but maybe that's just the curse of a middle novel!?!?! I hope not, but time will tell! I am just excited to have completed it;)

On a side note: I am working on cover design, and will post ideas here and facebook! I am thinking of having people vote on their favorite and that will be the  one I use! More details will come in the upcoming weeks!

Chapter one Standing Broken(spoiler alert)

Posted by Angie Merriam on May 1, 2011 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Here is the first chapter of the follow up to Neveah A Broken Forever, titled Standing Broken! If you haven't read the first one, this will spoil the ending so read at your own risk! Be advised this is a rough draft, no editing has been done yet! Hope you enjoy!

~Chapter One~

My mind was in a fog as I stood outside the glass burial chamber that housed my mother and father. I had been told the memorial was magnificent. I slept through it. It was said many folks of Neveah came to bid farewell, sprinkle fairy dust, or cast spells that were to guarantee a safe passage to the other world. I wasn’t sorry that I missed the memorial. I didn’t want to be surrounded by hundreds of strangers as I told my parents goodbye.

My grandparents had led me to the chamber and then graciously left me alone. I was beyond thankful for that. We had not spoken much since my awakening, and I had yet to disclose my current state of health. I needed my time to say goodbye, I would deal with the rest later. I ventured around the chamber to the entrance. It was difficult to find as the glass door blended into the glass walls. I took my time though. I could see my parents lying within the chamber and I was slightly afraid to go in.

Once I found the door, I took a few deep breaths, then slowly let myself in. It smelled of wildflowers and warmth. The chamber was small, with only enough room for the platforms that held my parents and a small walkway. I stood by the door, willing myself to move forward. My mother was angelic dressed in a white gown with her blond hair brushed to fall over her shoulders. Her skin was pale, but her lips were pink. She rested with one hand to her side, and the other rested in my father’s hand. He was angelic as well, also dressed in white, and neatly groomed for viewing. I felt a stab in my heart at only having been able to know him a short amount of time.

I felt my heart break in two as I looked at my mother. Thoughts began to swim in my head. I had no clue what to do without her. I inched my way closer to her until I was close enough to touch her hand. I reached out and took her hand in mine. The feel of her sent a wave a grief through my body and I began to tremble. The tears I had tried not to cry were now flowing freely and I impulsively laid my head on her chest. I didn’t feel a heartbeat, and I knew I wouldn’t, but I could feel her. I laid there, sobbing and begging for her to come back. I was irrational but the reality of losing her was almost too much too bear.

I don’t know how long I laid across my mother, but I didn’t intend on moving. Then I felt a light touch on my shoulder. Whoever was behind me stood still and silent, waiting for me to gather myself before turning to face them. I felt slighted at being interrupted. I didn’t want to speak to anyone, or face anyone, I just wanted my mother. I finally stood to face my intruder and was shocked when I realized their identity. I couldn’t speak, as my mouth was hung open. My heart was racing and I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. She looked the same, and was in the same white gown she wore on the table only she was standing in front of me. “Mom,” I said quietly, unsure if I was imagining this entire scene. I reached my hand up to touch her face. It was cold and soft, yet solid. She smiled at me, a tear in her own eye. I fell into her arms where she held me while I cried.

She finally broke her grip and pulled me away just enough to see my face, and so I could see hers. “Oh Lilly, my baby girl, things have gone so wrong. I am so sorry for all that has happened. I tried to always protect you and I have failed.” Her face was full of sadness and guilt. “No mom, you’re here with me now, it’s going to be alright,” I replied trying to force a smile. I knew as I spoke the words that all would not be alright, yet I wanted to believe it, even for a moment. My mother shook her head, trying to find the words to speak. “You are right baby girl, you will be OK, but I can only stay a short while. I have been waiting here for you, but I have to go soon. I am expected in the otherworld. I just couldn’t pass through without speaking to you. Come with me Lilly.” She grabbed my hand and led me to a corner of the chamber where she promptly sat on the floor and encouraged me to sit beside her.

With my mother, sitting there on the floor, I laid my head in her lap and relaxed as she ran her fingers through my hair. “How much time do we have?” I asked. “Not long,” she replied. “Where is dad?” I asked suddenly curious. “Only one of us was able to return, he thought it should be me.” She answered.

“Are happy to be with him again?”

“Yes Lilly, very happy. Although, I would rather be here with you.”

“Yeah, me too. What am I suppose to do now mom?”

“You are a very smart, independent woman. You will find your way and you will be just fine without me.”

“I’m scared mom. You’re gone, dad is gone, and so is Shep.”

“I know baby girl, I have been watching you. I saw the entire thing unfold. He loves you and he left to protect you from Kelsha.”

“I know he loves me, but what am I suppose to do wait in Neveah for him? I want to go home mom. This is not my home. This place only hurts.”

“I can’t tell you what to do next, you will find a path that is right for you, with or without Shep. I can’t tell you what will happen in the future. I know if he truly loves you he will find you. Here or back in the Ordinary world. Whether or not you choose to wait for him is your choice. No one would hold it against you if you wanted to move on. You are young and beautiful Lilly.”

“And pregnant.” I hadn’t meant to blurt it out like that, the words just came. I waited for my mother’s response.

“I know. I have known since we were reunited at the giants home. Your father knew as well. I think Shep did too.”

“What? Shep knew before I did?”

“A woman with child emits a different kind of glow Lilly, especially a Special who is home in Neveah. It’s almost impossible to miss.”

“But I mom, I can’t be very far gone! A month at the most! How am I able to feel it already, and how can everyone else see it?”

“Things are different here in Neveah, as you already know. Time may feel slower here, but pregnancy is different, it progresses much more quickly. If you wish to return to the Ordinary world you should do it soon, before you’re much further along. It will be dangerous to do if you are too far gone, and very dangerous for a baby.”

I considered my mother’s words. I would need to make a choice, and soon. I decided not to think about it now. For now I just wanted my mother.

We sat in soothing silence before my mother spoke again. “Please forgive me Lilly for putting you through this. Please know how much I love you! Don’t mourn for me or your father, we will always be watching you.” I could feel her solidness giving way and sat up, trying to stop her disappearance. “No, mom wait, you can’t go yet, I need you! I love you mom and I don’t blame you for any of this. You have always been wonderful to me and I will miss you greatly mom.” My words were coming fast and the tears were once again flowing. I was standing, as was my mother, who was nearly transparent now. She grabbed my face with her hands that were light as air and kissed my forehead. “Goodbye Lilly. Be strong, be brave, and never forget how much I love you.”

“I love you too mom, goodbye,” I said and then she was gone. I glanced back at the platform that still held my parents. I walked over and kissed my father on the cheek and then my mother before saying a final goodbye and leaving them to rest.

Although my heart was slightly lighter, I still felt the need to be alone. I decided to walk awhile, and try to make sense out of the senseless. I felt content knowing my parents were together and happy in some other world. Though I would miss them greatly, I no longer felt sad. With the weight of my parents’ death lifted from my heart, the desertion of Shep settled in, and agony bore a hole through the wound that my mother had just healed. I replayed the events over and over in my mind, trying to find what tore him from me. Things had happened so fast that the details were a blur. I decided there was no point rehashing what had happened. It wouldn’t change anything. I needed to make a choice and I had to make it now. I could stay in Neveah, have the baby, and then figure out what Kelsha was up too and get Shep back. The option was tempting, but I knew my choice. I wanted to go home. My mother was right, Shep knew where to find me. With my decision made, I headed back to the house. I wanted to go as soon as possible.

I made it to the house rather quickly and found my grandmother sitting alone in the great room. “Hello Meme,” I said softly. She looked over to me with a smile. “Hello Lilly, how are you dear?”

“I feel a little better now actually, having been able to say a proper goodbye. Thank you for that.”

“Of course, that was your right Lilly.” She looked at me as though willing me to speak what was in my mind and my heart. I knew I couldn’t just leave Neveah without a word, it would break her heart as well as my grandfather’s. They had suffered enough loss.

“I am sure you know I am with child. I am also sure that uncle Denali told you what happened on that mountain. Shep is gone.” I choked back a sob after saying Shep’s name out loud.

“Yes, I am aware of both. I am very sorry for everything Lilly. We put you and Shep in a terrible position and now things are just a mess.” She was openly crying now. I failed to notice the redness that was taking residence on her face, and the puffiness that was causing her eyes to almost appear closed. I went to her, and wrapped my arms firmly around her neck. Instinctively her arms closed around my waist, pulling into her lap, where we sat, embraced and mourning all that was lost to us both. “It’s not your fault meme, it was not my mother’s fault, and it’s not Shep’s fault. I made my choice to come to Neveah and I chose to find my mother and fight Jax. He is gone now, so the threat to Neveah is gone. Please don’t be sorry, there is nothing to be sorry about. We all did our best.” I finished, hoping my words were heard. I stood slowly and she finally looked up. “You will always have a home here, should that be your choice,” she said to me. Her tone indicated she knew I was planning to leave.

“I know, and I thank you with all my heart, but my home is with the Ordinaries. That is where I need to be right now.” I watched her as she slowly stood and came to stand in front of me. “Well, maybe someday, when the child is old enough, you can come to visit.” She was attempting to smile in order to comfort me and her voice was laced with hope. “I would love too. Who knows, I may get there and realize I belong here. You never know what the future holds,” I replied smiling back at her.

I went back to my room where I removed my mother’s clothing and replaced it with my jeans and Bon Jovi T-shirt. I packed what I had left in my back pack before I went to find my grandparents to say goodbye. I found them in the great room with Denali and Viviana. Hugs, kisses, and words of encouragement and love were exchanged before I told them it was time for me to go. Denali wanted to escort me to the portal room, which I thought was strange since it was only two flights of stair up. I didn’t argue though, I just followed him.

It wasn’t until we reached the room with the drawings that Denali finally spoke. “I know you have to go, I understand why, but know you have a home and family here.”

“I know and thank you for all you have done for me.”

“I keep thinking I should have done something differently, maybe things wouldn’t have ended this way.”

“It was nothing you did Denali, you tried just as I tried and everyone else for that matter. We can’t keep blaming ourselves for what happened. It happened and now we must move on.”

“I want you to know that I am going to look for him Lilly. I am going to find out what happened back there. I will stop Kelsha if I must. I will try my best to send Shep home to you.” His blue eyes were glossy and full of determination as he spoke to me. I hadn’t expected him to look for Shep, but was grateful and relieved that he was. “Thank you Denali. Be safe please!I love you.” I kissed him on the cheek before turning to the fake wall and pushing it aside. As I stepped inside the room I looked back at Denali, “You can always come see me in the Ordinary world you know.”

“Yeah well I just might do that. Goodbye Lilly.”

“Goodbye Denali.”