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A New Year

Posted by Angie Merriam on January 14, 2014 at 11:15 AM Comments comments (0)

Well, it's been a while since I checked in. The holidays have come and gone and I know have a new year to look forward to. 2013 wasn't one of the best years for many reasons but I have high hopes for 2014.

In August of 2013 I took all 3 Neveah books off the market and hired an editor. Probably the best decision I've made as a self published author, so far. Books 1 and 2 have sold better the past few months than in the year prior so I'm thrilled. Book 3, Breaking the Wicked is set to be released again on March 6, 2014. I can't wait! In the meantime I released Serephina as a short story as well as wrote and released Jax and Denali's stories. I'm pleased with the response all 3 short stories have had and I've considered writing about some other key characters histories but I think  I'm finally ready to leave these characters behind. I've loved writing about Neveah and all my characters and maybe I will do some more in the future but I have so many ideas floating in my brain right now, it's time to move on.

I'm currently writing 2 books right now which is new for me. One is a supernatural/romance/adventure type story that I've been writing on and off for awhile now. I think the storyline is getting a little complicated so I want to take my time, make sure it's good. I also just started a new story that will be a murder mystery/romance. I am so excited about this story. It's completely different from anything I've written so far, I just hope I can pull it off!

So for 2014 look for the release of at least 3 new books (including Breaking the Wicked) from me and maybe a few novella's thrown in there. I'm excited for 2014 not only for books but for some travel I'm hoping to take...I'll be sure to check back more often and keep you all up to date!  Talk to everyone soon!

Happy Reading!

The Great Monster

Posted by Angie Merriam on January 13, 2014 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

She stood facing her floor to ceiling mirror. Her reflection no longer startled her. Her body had changed considerably since the great monster chose to use her body as a host. That is what she called it now, “the great monster.” No one else seemed to have the ability to give her silent tormenter a name. Doctors were baffled and she sometimes doubted her friends and family truly believed her. Her monster was silent, nameless, and faceless. It’s hard to believe in something that you can’t see or touch or even put a name to. She knew it was there. That was all that mattered now.

She reminisced briefly on her life before the monster. Her hair seemed to shine brighter, her face appeared younger, but it was the changes in her body that bothered her the most. She was growing older, after all, so a few wrinkles were nothing to get excited over and her hair was mostly worn in a ponytail so who cared if it didn’t shine as brightly. Her body though, her body was so different.

She thought of how, at one time, she stood tall, strong, thin and straight. The monster had a different idea for her body. Her body now could swell from her toes to her head causing her once beautiful skin to stretch and contrast. Now tiny lines covered her skin as though the beast was marking its territory. Her once flat belly now protruded as though she was pregnant and her strong spine had given up on holding her upright. Her body leaned severely to one side more often than it stood straight. These were just outward appearances though. The things people could see. The things that proved something was not right were inside of her. It was the way the monster terrorized her insides that left her nearly crippled, mentally and physically.

Most days the monster ran with fire beneath her skin. It wreaked havoc on her muscles, her bones, and her mind. The pain was uncontrollable, leaving her weak, angry, sad, and, most of all, resentful of the life she had lived and of the life was now living. Try as she might her mind couldn’t compete with the monster. She tried, in vein, to quiet the monster. She would feed it morphine but the drug only made the monster stronger and her mind weaker.

Before she knew what was happening, the monster took hold of the morphine and begged her for more. Her mind was conflicted. She knew the dangers of the drug. She knew the risk of addiction. She also knew the pain that controlled her life. She knew the sadness she felt when the pain held her bed bound. She knew the morphine could keep the monster quiet, if only for a short amount of time, so she fed the monster.

She could feel the morphine rush through her body. She felt its attempt to kill the monster and its disappointment when it could do no more than numb the monster temporarily. She felt her body beg for more. Beg for the small moments of sweet release. The moments were few and far between but she lived for them. At least she used to live for them.

She visited more and more doctors but they couldn’t help her. The more treatments and drugs they gave her, the stronger the monster grew. The harder she fought the monster, the weaker she grew. Her sad mind and heart were now beginning to appear more often than her happy heart and mind. Some days she begged her body to heal. She begged her body to live, to fight, and to beat the monster. Other days, days that were becoming more and more frequent, her body begged for release. She cried to be let go, she prayed she would fall asleep and never awaken. Her emotions were in turmoil as the monster ripped her body to pieces. She was at a crossroads but she didn’t know which way to go.

She would wait. She would hope. She would pray to another unknown entity. She would fight. She would never give in. She would never give up. She was in a bitter fight for her life. She would keep her mind strong even as her body grew frail. Her opponent may be invisible but it would not win. She would win. She would stand tall and strong and straight. Her hair would once again be shiny. Her skin would glow. She hoped she would be with her family in this world when she finally beat the great monster but knew her body was weak. Her body may give out, but her heart, her thoughts, her soul would live on. That one thought gave her peace. She would cling to that tiny feeling of peace.

The Bottle

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Sometimes the darkness is too much. The light feels so far away. Her heart is heavy and her mind weary. No one knows the sadness she feels. No one understands the secrets she keeps. She longs for an escape and finds one in a bottle.

She has become a master of deception. Her face gives nothing away. Her smile remains in place and she laughs at the right times. If only she could express herself. She wishes for someone to tell her secrets to. Instead she finds her friend in a bottle.

Her heart is battered. Her feelings are bruised. The numbness settles in making the day’s easier to bare. She pretends she’s okay. She never speaks of the fear of losing herself yet she feels it all slipping away. The failure she feels is worse than the physical pain. Her body can take the abuse but her soul can’t take the failure so she turns her head to the bottle.

In her darkest moments she questions why. Why must she endure such hurt? Why must she love someone more than she loves herself? Why must that lover tear her apart? Does she deserve such pain? She must deserve the abuse. That’s what she tells herself when she’s lost in her bottle.

Day after day slips away. Her smile begins to fade. Her laugh comes less and less. The loneliness is unbearable. Her only solace is escape. The clear fluid burns away the pain. Every sip of her bottle numbs her heart a little more until she feels nothing. She loves to feel nothing. She loves the feeling of freedom from the pain.

If only she had found solace in a real friend. If only she hadn’t felt the need to keep the secrets of her lover. If only she didn’t feel the blame of her lovers abuse. If only she knew the love others felt for her. If only that bottle hadn’t been so tempting, that fluid temporarily healing every crack in her heart. If only she had found the bravery in herself she may not have been lost to the bottle.

The bottle that was once her confident. The bottle that whispered in her ear and enticed her with the feeling of nothingness. She felt happiness at the sight of her bottle. She longed to feel the burn of the liquor sliding down her throat as it settled in her belly. It reminded her that she was alive until the day that she wasn’t. The bottle was the thing that kept her pain away and the thing that took her life away. She lost to the bottle.

Calling Readers and Indies

Posted by Angie Merriam on August 19, 2013 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (0)

So, I tried to do this about a year ago and was disappointed with the poor response...however I still believe this is a good idea and could be beneficial to Indie writers and fun for readers! Here's the idea:
Over on my website I have a forum section with 3 discussion areas already set up.
1. The first one is a place to promote yourself to your hearts about your books, awards, future projects, interviews, ect....the only thing I ask is that you chose another Indie using the site and promo them on your own social networking site at leas 1 time. Like paying it forward!

2. Readers Corner is a place I am encouraging readers to visit and discuss their current reads, fave books, fave authors ect...This could be a fantastic place for readers to get to know writers for who they are, not as book promoters..but real people who love to read as much as they do!

3. The last on is to post book links and short blurbs. It's not for heavy promotion...Just you links and short blurbs.

So, that's my idea and I really hope people come on board! It's easy..just sign up in the Members Area and start posting!

Hope to see ya there!


Posted by Angie Merriam on August 14, 2013 at 7:15 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, it has been awhile! I can't lie, I tried out a new server for my website, and well, I am back so there you go...I have been a busy bee lately. I was hosting other indie authors over on the "other" site and lost all the interviews so I am sad about that. Looks like I will start from scratch here!

I also hired an editor for the Neveah series (finally) and I gave the first one a fresh new cover! I am beyond excited about this! The editor is fantastic! The cover is beautiful! I can't wait to share it with everyone!

So, this site in under construction as I think it deserves a fresh update as well! Stick with me, I am tyring to work it out!



Posted by Angie Merriam on December 31, 2012 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Well, another year has come and gone. Thankfully the world didn't explode,gravity didn't reverse, aliens didn't attack and 12/21/12 passed by as though it had no idea "it" was the day to end all mankind. We saw superstorm Sandy hammer the East Coast and watched as, once again, Americans came together to lend a hand (or a dollar) to the victims of the storm. We felt the heartache of the senseless crimes that claimed so many lives this past year, stealing away our feeling of safety and security. We mourned together and hugged our children a little tighter before the shootings became political. Americans re-elected Obama......I don't have much to say on that. Let's just say he didn't have my vote and I feel that the future of my country is in danger. I can only hope, pray, wish and want really hard for Americans to band together in ways that only tragedies seems to unite us because the day is coming when we are going to need our neighbors, our fellow Americans.

In 2012 I discovered Sons of Anarchy and decided that if I was just alittle tougher I could totally be a biker. I was also introduced to The Walking Dead and realized I would do a lot of things differently should the Zombies attack. I find myself saying "really" or "come on" or "what, is she stupid?" when I watch that show which is why I like it...the emotion! The final Breaking Dawn was released and the final "Twilight girls night" was had...Bittersweet to say the least but the movie was amazing and yes I have seen it more than once! Phillip Phillips may become my new favorite artist of the moment (never surpassing Bon Jovi, that's impossible) and Pink's album, The Truth About Love seriously kicks ass! Bluegrass/Hipster music is showing its face and becoming quite popular, hence my son wanting (and getting) a Mandolin for Christmas! I for one love it and am excited to see what comes from the genre in the New Year. Despite my declaration of love for Pink and Phillip Phillips, there is not alot of radio music that I really like these days. Bluegrass may just be the breath of fresh air that music needs...we really don't need more songs about Diamonds and Starships, do we?

I am most excited to see what 2013 brings to the world of books. I have been very lucky in this last year to have been able to meet and get to know some really amazing writers. I had some really talented people submit their stories to me for Intertwine, which I think turned out to be a really wonderful anthology. It took me a while to get the book together but the end product was awesome and I am so thankful to all the contributors that helped make this book what it is, amazing. I discovered books by Indie authors that were really good. These writers have been added to my list of favorites and I look forward to more of their work. I cyber-met a fan of mine which really is the coolest thing ever! A great lady who also wants to write and has been gracious enough to let me read her's really good and I believe she is going to be one to watch! I finished the last Neveah book, Breaking the Wicked. It's looking at a 01/25/2013 release. The end is bittersweet for me. I am not sure I can totally give up the characters yet....However I have begun writing a new book so I will see where that takes me!

I feel lucky to have made new friends in the last year and to have grown closer to old ones. I have learned to let go of the things that bother me and understand that life is what I make of it. I have tried and failed to quit smoking and really hope I find strength in myself to give it up for good in the year to come. I have hundreds of reasons to quit and no reason to continue so it's up to me and my ability to have some self-control. I have also tried and semi-succeeded in weight loss but I have a long way to go in feeling healthy and vibrant again. I watched my oldest boy fall in love and make mistakes. His teenage years are ones that have really taught me about forgiveness and acceptance in things that I can't change. I learned that things are not what I want them to be for him, they are what he makes of them. I can only hope that I have instilled values in him that he will carry into his own life. I spent too much time worrying about others in the last year and have only recently decided that they are not mine to worry about. I am letting go which is necessary to my own happiness and that of my family. I have re-newed faith and trust in my marriage and believe in us again. So, in ending, 2012 was not awesome but it was not horrible either. It has been a learning experience and I hope I can take my new lessons into 2013, in turn making life happy.

To end on a fun note, this may be completely immature and high schoolish, but it's here ya go!

Top 5 Movies of 2012 (While making this list I realized there are alot of movies I have yet to see, so this list could change)

1. Breaking Dawn Part 2

2. The Hunger Games

3. Dark Shadows

4. Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World

5. Mirror Mirror

(Movies I need to see that may change the list: The Vow, The Hobbit,Atlas Shrugged, The Paperboy, 21 Jumpstreet, Cosmopolis, Savages, The LuckyOne, and Snow White and the Huntsman)

Top 5 TV Shows

1. Sons of Anarchy

2. Duck Dynasty

3. The Walking Dead

4. American Idol

5. Good Luck Charlie (yes I watch too much Disney, I have a nine yearold, and this show is funny)

Top 5 TV personalities (fictional or real)

1. Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) SOA

2. Any of the Robertsons..they make me happy, happy, happy lol...DuckDynasty

3. Gemma Morrow Teller (Katy Segal) (I love to hate her)..SOA

4. Maggie Green (Lauren Cohan)...the walking dead

5. Carol and Daryl on the walking dead (tied)

Top 5 Songs

1. I remember: 5 Finger Death Punch

2. Remind Me: Brad Paisley and Carried Underwood

3. Til my last day: Justin Moore

4. Home: Phillip Phillips

5. Just give me a reason: Pink

Top 5 books (possible released before 2012, but not read by me until this year )

1. Wander Dust: Michelle Warren

2. Fangs for Nothing: Adrienne Ambrose

3. Fifty Shades of Grey series: E.L. James

4. My Blood Approves: Amanda Hockings

5. Outlander: Diana Gabaldon (an oldie but my favorite. I read it overand over lol)

Top 5 authors I am excited to read in 2013 (In no particular order)

1. Beth Gaulda

2. Brian Shirley

3. Michelle Warren

4. Melissa Foster

5. Collen Houck

There you have it! A little glimpse into what makes me tick! Happy NewYear everyone! May 2013 be full of wonderful days!



Blog Hop

Posted by Angie Merriam on December 19, 2012 at 1:00 PM Comments comments (0)


I was recently invited to participate in a "blog hop" where I answer some questions and invite others to join, in turn creating a chain of blogs. An author, Olyn Warfield, whom I recently worked with on a collaborative anthology that featured her story invited me to participate, thank you Olyn. Her story is of her Doberman named Omar Blue, his pack, and their adventures in K-9 town. If you have a love of dogs and are curious how they live when we humans are not looking, check out Olyn's work, you will not be disapointed.


I invited a few other writers to join the blog hop, but being so close to the holidays I think they are swamped with work. Instead I will recommend the work of a few writers I had the privilege to work with on Intertwine in hopes that they will take the reins and continue the chain. Brian T Shirley is a comedian and author who writes, you guessed it, comedy stories. I have read multiple stories of Brian's various comedic adventures and guarantee you will have a good laugh.


I also had the pleasure to include one of Beth Gualda stories from her Moonlit Wings novels. I loved the story she submitted to Intertwine. Her stories have a little bit of everything that I enjoy, romance, fantasy, paranormal, sex and humor. Her writing is wonderful and the stories are page turners.


So, if you have a chance check out their work. I believe them both to be up and coming writers that I am very thankful to have worked with.


Now, a little about me [:)]


What is the working title of your book? My first is Neveah A Broken Forever, 2nd Neveah Standing Broken, and the 3rd, soon to be released is Neveah Breaking the Wicked. I also have an anthology, Intertwine, available for download that features some fabulous writers.


Where did the idea come from for the book? The idea for Neveah came to me during one of my many commutes to work. I am lucky to live in a part of the country that has some really beautiful scenery. I am always in awe of the beauty and its image of fantasy so as I was driving I began to weave a story and Neveah is the product.


What genre does your book fall under? Fantasy, Romance with a touch of action/adventure


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition? I have thought a lot about this and have a few for the main characters I would cast: Lilly, maybe Emma Watson: Shep, Cory Montheith: Annie Levannah, Charlize Theron: Leah, Lauren Grahm: Jax Bane, Johnny Depp: Kelsha, Kate Beckinsal(sp): Denali, Charlie Hunnam:  and Serephina, Ariana Garcia..


What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book? A fantastic journey of discovery, forgiveness, love and betrayal set in a magnificent parallel world called Neveah.


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency? Self Published, for now...fingers crossed


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript? The first book took me three months to write.


What other books would you compare this story to within your genre? It has the magic of Harry Potter, the romance of Twilight, the suspense and sex of Nora Roberts, as said by a reader.

Thanks for the invite Olyn!

Neveah Breaking the Wicked/Contest alert

Posted by Angie Merriam on December 10, 2012 at 4:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Hey everyone! Well, Neveah Breaking the Wicked is nearing completion, yay! Formatting and a final read through (edit) and it will be ready for readers. Look for it 01/25/2013 in digital and paperback! In the meantime, I need help choosing a cover. Over on my Facebook page I have an album with cover ideas, head over and vote for your favorite. Three random voters will be chosen to receive a digital copy of Neveah Breaking the Wicked!

Also, Neveah A Broken Forever is still free for most e-readers and will be through December...

I just want to say thanks to those that have read my books. I truly appreciate all of you!

Sending warm wishes and Holiday cheer to everyone!


Link to vote for the cover (voting open until 12/31/2012)

Going home

Posted by Angie Merriam on September 5, 2012 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It seems that the past year has been less than stellar. Nothing traumatic, like a death in the family, but a series of shitty circumstances keep creeping up and stressing me out! The constant ups and downs have kept me from going home for quit  a while. It was also those ups and downs that sent me home recently.

I called the little town of Klamath Falls my home until I was 21 years old. I was born and raised there and hated it with my entire soul! The brown landscape that was void of trees made the Klamath Basin revolting, at least I thought so as a kid.

Beyond the unsightly landscape, there was nothing to do in that po-dunk town. No nearby cities. No real malls for shopping. I yearned to experience city life.....concerts, theater, bright lights and a big city! I didn't care for hunting, fishing, camping, and 4H.  I swore I would never raise my kids in that place. I was convinced a town like that left kids with nothing to do but get drunk and/or high. There was nothing else to keep kids busy.  So, when the chance presented itself, I bolted out of the town that had been my home my entire life. I made my way to the city!

Over the years, as I have aged, I have slowly moved further away from that city that I craved as a teenager. I rarely go into the city and don't recall ever going to the "theater". Life near the city, I have learned, is faster than life in a small town. Everyone is in a hurry to do everything. Life rushes by you in the city. That life I yearned for, ran to, have loved and  lived for the past 13 years has worn me down. For the first time ever, I wanted to go home.

This time I saw those brown mountains that surround my home town as beautiful, not repulsive. Granted, trees were in limited supply, and the ground was not covered in green, but the land was beautiful in its own way. I drove through town showing my children all the places I had lived, where I had gone to school, my bedroom that still displayed my peace, love and happiness drawings on the wall,  and where their father and I lived when they were born.

I spent time with family and friends. I visited loved ones who have passed on. I remembered all the things, good and bad, about my life in that town. I re-discovered the town that had pushed me out so long ago. I felt that town welcome me back with open arms. I had a sense of peace while there. For the first time in a long time I was able to relax because I was home. Do I want to "live" there? No, though I am happy to know that home is still there and still feels like home to me. Sometimes, when life gets tough, you just need to go home, regardless of your age. Nothing feels as good as being welcomed home.

Hey everyone!

Posted by Angie Merriam on July 24, 2012 at 3:50 AM Comments comments (1)

I have an idea I would like to share with my fellow Indie Authors as well as readers! Over the past year I have spent a huge amount of time promoting my book. Liking pages, joining discussions, tweeting, ect...Promoting your work is not an easy thing to do, at least not for me. I have been brain storming and this is my idea and the theory behind it.

I want to create a forum where authors can promote their work shamelessly while helping others to do the same. You post your promotion then chose from another posting and promote that author on your website, facebook, blog, twitter, ect...You're not reviewing just helping promote by posting another authors name, book, and links! This will help everyone gain a wider audience and reach more readers.

It's easy, just register on my website, go to Forums and post in the category for Indies.

The other plus is I am asking readers to join in book discussions as well as peruse the Indie forum for new favorites. My goal is to bridge the gap between writers and readers.

I really hope this works for everyone involoved. This should be a fun experience where people are helping people. The writing world has the most open, accepting, helpful, and all around nice people I have met in my life. For that reason alone I want this to work! Please email me with any questions or concerns you might have!

For readers.....Please join my website (link above) to talk about your favorite books and browse around to find your next favorite. Book reviews are welcome as well as links to your favorite books. I just ask everyone be kind to one another and have fun! (Register, go to Forum, and find the discussion for readers)

Hope to see  you all there!