Angie Merriam

The Neveah Series!

Neveah Series

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Intertwine an Anthology

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A Broken Forever

"Neveah written by author Angie Merriam truly shows her talent. As a debut novel Angie Merriam has hit the mark and set the bar high. Neveah is a vibrant, well written and amazing story that quickly grabs your attention and refuses to let go. The characters that Angie Merriam created for her world are interesting and easy to fall in love with. The descriptions of both creatures and her world are so well done if you close your eyes the images will be easily conjured. Neveah holds twists and turns for readers that will make them want to laugh or cry or just yell "OMG" when the truth comes out. Angie Merriam has such a way of writing that the speech of many of the characters is almost like poetry the way it just rolls off your tongue. Neveah is a powerful story that just beckons for more. Angie Merriam has a great imagination and shows her ability grab and keep ones attention. I cannot wait to read book two 'Neveah Standing Broken' to read what happens next to the characters I grew to love." Amazon


Standing Broken

 "I love the characters, their story, and the fantasy land the author has created for them. Can't wait for the next book!" Amazon


Breaking The Wicked

"Angie has outdone herself with this book. The way the caricatures and the story has evolved is awesome. Angie has grown as a writer along with Lilly and Shep. This book was full of surprise twists and turns that I wasn't expecting, but absolutely LOVED this book, as well as the hole series. Highly recommend the whole series to anyone who loves reading!!" Amazon